Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Lemonade

So, during this time of unemployment/paid vacation, we are determined to set our housing plan (plus several contingency plans), so all we have to do is press "Go" once we sign our contracts with JPS. Here are some of the places we've been looking at:

The Jackson "Dream House" --- Which, believe it or not, is becoming the Dream House for fewer of us each day. 5 bedroom, pool/hot tub, yoga/dance studio. I think we are somewhat intimidated by the amount of furnishing that needs to take place. Still my #1. The (carpeted?)dance/yoga studio might have something to do with it... :

Whitworth 1 --- We put in an application for this one; a few really love this place, but we're not getting our hopes up at the risk of jinxing it:

Whitworth 2 --- Literally a couple houses down and across the street. Someone else put in an application for this place already; I was a fan of the natural light and built-in bookshelves in one room, but again, less likely at this point:

House by Fenian's Irish Pub:

Also a couple blocks away in Belhaven and near Fenian's Irish Pub - soon to be the TFA Jackson Hangout. No matter where we live. Heard about this house from... the bartender at Fenian's Irish Pub. Looks nice, haven't toured inside yet, though we creeped around the outside and looked in the windows. A VERY close #2 after Northpointe for me. Its being near an Irish Pub might have something to do with that...

There's also a couple houses on State St. in the Fondren neighborhood (Jackson's equivalent of Mnpls.' Uptown) which few of us were fond of, but in a great location for socializing and shopping with people who are out of college but not yet old.

Well, that's it for housing, but I'll post another update soon. (Possibly once we get to see the inside of the Fenian's Pub House...)

Wish us luck! We're gonna need it to keep these awesome houses available for two more weeks!

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