Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Honey, I'm Home!

Alright, so I have an entirely inadequate update for y'all.

#1: "Before" pictures from my classroom. (I don't have "After" pictures because, well, my room's not done. I'll have "Middle" Pictures tomorrow or so.)

I spent two days reorganizing and clearing out boxes, and all day today scrubbing lab equipment and rubbermaids out using Clorox and dish soap. At least I'm getting a workout! (In professional clothes...)

The Scorpion-Spider Thing of Death was really just the biggest spider I've ever seen indoors, and it looked like it was related to a scorpion, because it wall all pointy and angular. When I saw it, I went through the whole process of deciding whether or not I was going to freak out, and then decided I shouldn't because the custodian was in the room helpin' me out. But I wasn't going to leave it there and keep it as a pet. So, I casually walked over to the custodian (Mr. White) and asked, "So, is it normal for spiders to be that big down here?" He looked at it and said, "I'll go kill it for you". In my defense, though, he did have to go get a broom to do it, because a shoe would not have been big enough. In related news, I've named the three dead cockroaches in the back of my room Moe, Curly, and Larry, and the two dead crickets Antony and Cleopatra. I was thinking about naming the spider Arthur or Artemis during my internal freak-out session, but decided I shouldn't get too attached since I wanted it dead or just very far away from me.

#2: Even if I don't technically have a job yet (still waiting on contracts), I have a bitchin' house to live in!!!!

Northpointe. My dream house. And even though I drew the one and only short straw for bedrooms, my bedroom is still actually pretty nice. (The only problem is that my bedroom IS the hallway to get to the upstairs living room; I'll get over it - the only time it'll be tricky is when we have friends over.) My closet has a light in it, I have a bookshelf on either side of my doorway, and my walls are a neat orange color. Plus, I basically have unimpeded access to: the upstairs living room (we call it the Wood Room because it has wood floors - we'll think of something better) which will have a bar and mini fridge, the dance/yoga studio where Lyndsey and I are going to do the Slim-in-Six workout, my own bathroom (according to me), AND the Small Room, which is where I was actually supposed to sleep, but refused, on account of my claustrophia. ;)

Ok, I really have to sleep because I have SO MUCH to do tomorrow, but I have to share one more thing first. My house not only has a rockin' 70s intercom system, but you can turn on the radio in the kitchen, and it will play in every room in the house. I almost cried when we realized this. And don't get me started about Lyndsey's master bathroom with jacuzzi tub. We're going to have a good time in this house.

Yay! I have delightful roommates and I'M NOT HOMELESS ANYMORE!!!


  1. what an adventure?! say hi to the dance/yoga studio for me. i'm still on the fence about getting a gym membership... haha. love you!

  2. a "bitchin" house. cute alex. also, get some pictures up...and post more.